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What Took Lonely Planet So Long To Name Margaret River Their #1 Destination?

So, it appears that the travel guide giant, Lonely Planet, has declared Margaret River, and indeed the whole SW region, the #1 Asia-Pacific place to visit in 2019. Well… We’ve got one thing to say about that:

Lonely Planet… What on earth took you so long…?

After all, the friendly locals have been welcoming visitors to our ‘Bush meets Ocean’ region for a long, long time… So you’re kinda way behind the program if you’ve only just discovered us.

But there’s obviously a legion of travellers who’ve yet to be privy to the secrets of Margaret River and the surrounds. And much as we’d love to keep our corner of the globe all to ourselves, it’d be churlish of us not to share. So to celebrate the fact that the good folks at Lonely Planet have well and truly let the cat out of the bag, we take a look at 5 reasons why this diverse and unique region should hold a well-deserving place on everyone’s bucket list.

1. The picture-postcard perfect beaches

Talcum powder-soft white sands lapped by the bluest of azure waters wrap their loving fingers around your psyche, making real life feel a million miles away. The ultimate in R&R - come, bring a book, a water bottle, and indulge in some much needed me-time, whilst letting Mother Nature work her magic on your soul.

2. The gourmet food, culinary delights and foodie festivals

Who doesn’t love a great meal? You’ll find diverse top-notch cuisine, family run restaurants and some of the most incredible chefs on the planet all slotting into the wonderful laid back vibe. World-renowned festivals such as the Western Australia Gourmet Escape, Taste Great Southern and Truffle Kerfuffle are now major events on the global calendar. Yep – one thing we can promise is that you won’t go home hungry.

3. The award winning wineries and craft beer breweries

Because all that incredible food deserves to be washed down with quality liquid refreshment. Our region’s Chardonnays and Cabernets are considered to be the best in the world AND still at the most affordable prices (yes, even the most expensive of bottles), and there’s no better place to hone your palate and wine tasting skills than at the heart of where they’re being produced.

4. The phenomenal flora and fauna

Nature truly does take centre stage with epic shows such as Humpback Whale migrations, 350 species of native birds, bouncing kangaroos, rock formations dating back 1,500 million years, miles upon miles of pristine walking trails and caves glistening with crystal formations. If social media’s your thing, then this is one of THE places on the planet to fill up your Insta feed with selfies that’ll make your followers wild with envy…

5. The achingly hip towns

The delights of places such as Margaret River with its plethora of wineries, craft breweries and artisanal food offerings, or Busselton with its world famous 1.8km long wooden jetty and amazing historical heritage will beguile and seduce. There’s the unexplored seaside beauty of the quintessential coastal town of Augusta to discover, not to mention Denmark and Walpole – towns where tall, ancient forests give way to pristine white sands, and are one of the premier habitats in the word for unique terrestrial biodiversity.

Quite simply, the region is spectacular, with so much to see and you’ll be planning your return before you’ve even left. However long you get to stay, it’ll never be enough. And the marvels on offer are matched only by the friendliness of those who live here. 

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