8 Things To Consider Before Having Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever questioned how everyone has such beautiful teeth when you look at those fashion magazine pictures or Instagram squares? How did they get their teeth to be that white and evenly spaced? If you have dentophobia or are a stickler for dentist appointments, your teeth may only seem as bright as that celebrity looks. Is everyone's grin just a result of genetic luck, or is there another factor at play? Porcelain veneers are being used by many to achieve the perfect white teeth. Are you in the habit of hiding your teeth? Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth and hesitant to flash a broad smile?

It is time for you to consider getting porcelain veneers to freshen up your smile. Are you interested in them and whether they might help you? Discover everything there is to know about porcelain veneers by reading on.

1. What Exactly Are Porcelain Veneers?

Dental porcelain veneers are little pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the tooth's surface. They are manufactured specifically for the individual purchasing them, down to the shape, size, and colour.

Although porcelain veneers are often utilised for aesthetic purposes, they may also be therapeutic. They may not need as much intervention as a full mouth reconstruction. Instead, only cover the tooth's surface.

The veneer is an excellent alternative to replacing teeth with an implant or a denture since it bonds to the person's original tooth.

2. Who Should Have Porcelain Veneers Applied to Their Teeth?

Are you unsure whether or not your teeth might benefit from porcelain veneers? Most individuals find success with them, but only some are a suitable fit for surfaces. Dental veneers are a great option for those who wish to enhance the look of their smile.

Your natural teeth's colour, size, and shape may all be altered with veneers. Even though your teeth may not look perfect, you can obtain veneers if you have healthy gums and a strong bone structure.

Veneers aid in addressing the following dental issues:

  • Chipping

  • Staining

  • Old fillings and repairs

  • A discrete or small grin

  • Spatial issues

  • Crowding

  • Bite problems

  • Fluorosis or antibiotic-related stains

3. Situations When Veneers May Fail

Porcelain veneers may or may not function immediately in a few circumstances. However, you may need more dental treatment before you can have veneers. If teeth are severely worn down by grinding, veneers may be an option. Too much wear on the teeth makes it difficult for the veneer to stick to the tooth's surface.

It could be required to initially undergo orthodontic treatment if you have noticeable gaps in your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry may then apply the veneers after the orthodontist adjusts the teeth to close any significant gaps. Keep in mind that the veneer has to bond to your teeth. The gap will remain if you apply a veneer to a tooth with a noticeable gap.

Additional circumstances can include having teeth that are out of alignment or having a jaw that is too narrow. Again, before getting veneers, you should have the teeth moved by an orthodontist to provide space for the teeth to be positioned correctly.

4. Veneer Obtaining Procedure

If you qualify, porcelain veneers may be applied in two appointments. Start with cosmetic dentistry. Assess your suitability. Do other dental procedures first. You don't want veneers and a root canal (more on later). Have you had implants or cavities filled before getting veneers? During your initial veneer appointment, the dentist removes a thin enamel layer. Imagine that it is fingernail-thin. After that, the dentist takes impressions to make your permanent veneer.

Your teeth are then restored temporarily. Examine their shape and colour, as well as their appearance and feel. The second appointment removes the temporary repair. The permanent veneer is bonded to your teeth. These appointments usually include local anaesthesia.

5. Post-Veneer Care and Recovery

How would dental procedures affect recovery? Recovering following the first and second veneer visits should be uncomplicated. Your teeth may initially be temperature sensitive. You may feel minor soreness. Just the bright new grin should be noticeable.

Veneers need the same maintenance as teeth. Plan dental checkups and cleanings. Clean your teeth and gums. Veneers last longer and look better if you take care of your teeth.

6. How Durable Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are permanent. Once permanent, they remain in your mouth. Most veneers last 10-15 years with adequate maintenance, dental appointments, brushing, and flossing. 20-year-old ones exist.

7. The Effect of Root Canals

If feasible, conduct a root canal before veneering a tooth that needs one. Root canals discolour teeth. Occasionally, root dental materials change colour. Thin veneers are more transparent, making them seem more natural. The veneer might appear if a tooth discolours unexpectedly or after a root canal. If you require a root canal, do it first so the dentist may modify the veneer colour afterwards.

8. Customised Veneers

Porcelain veneers may transform your smile by modifying tooth colour, shape, and size. A dentist who knows how to use them is essential. Maybe you saw someone with unnatural veneers. Too brilliant white or large teeth? Your dentist must customise veneers to fit your mouth.

Smiles are natural. They like the whitest veneer possible. It may be unrealistic for you. Cosmetic dentistry can choose the best colour by examining your other teeth and skin.

Are you prepared to ask your dentist about porcelain veneers to enhance the appearance and feel of your smile? Think about getting veneers to boost your confidence and present a dazzling smile to everyone you meet.




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