The OzTent Double Swag - Every caravan needs one

Every day, humans invent things to gain an advantage of some kind. Medical professionals create more efficient devices that help with a diagnosis or to treat patients. Prolific inventor Elon Musk, comes up with lots of things including rockets, PayPal, a tunnel boring machine, electric cars and computers that allow space craft to land on a ship parked 200 miles off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

The folks at OzTent have been busy too. They created something new; The OzTent double swag.

This OzTent provides a better option than the original swag which was a bed roll and later, the covered circular design that most people are used to. Older swags have a place as they are light and do not take up much room in smaller vehicles that people use on holidays or at remote location workplaces.

The OzTent swag is versatile, bigger, and weather resistant.

It will be popular with caravan holiday makers and motorhome users because it offers people an outdoor option and a chance to get out of their vehicle to live in the environment for all or part of their trip.

The OzTent double swag should be a part of every holiday vehicle's inventory. They are small enough to fit in cars with one back seat folded flat. They will easily fit on a roof rack as they are around 1.5 metres long and they weigh less than the usual 75 kilogram load limit on standard roof racks.

Why will caravan owners and motor home travellers want an OzTent double swag?

The Main issue facing caravan and motorhome holiday makers is the weight limit.

Caravans do not have much load capacity as they weigh a lot when loaded and GVM limits are not high. Therefore, carrying a standard tent is not usually an option, so that means, that they are confined to the inside most nights.

Now that the OzTent double swag is on the market, people can buy one of these to use for sleeping, storage and to make room for kids or guests to come on the trip by offering private space outside the base van or motorhome.

The OzTent double swag is in my opinion a better option than a roof top tent.

Roof top tents create drag on the vehicle on which they are installed and drag equals additional fuel consumption.

Roof top tents are not suitable for every holiday maker. Issues include using the ladder at night, lack of room for two people in some models and the inconvenience of going up and down to get things during the day.

Plus, it is a pain putting the roof top tent away to use the vehicle for sightseeing or shopping during the day.

The OzTent double swag offers more space than a roof top tent and it also doubles as an outdoor living area under the awning.

What is better - The old sytle swag or the OzTent Double Swag ?

The OzTent double swag will be adopted by caravan and motorhome holiday makers because it offers a lot of space, weather resistance, privacy, comfort, outdoor living areas, it does not weigh much and when packed up, it is small.

Is it worth the price ?

A resounding YES ! These things are an investment in fun !

This is the type of location where the OzTent double swag can be used for living outside of the caravan


Oztent RS-2 Double Swag

One swag for two people. 30 second setup. Built to last.

Using our innovative 30-second frame, the RS-2 Double Swag easily sets up and packs down in 30 seconds, giving you extra time to relax and enjoy the beauty of great outdoors.

Additional Features: 30 second setup, sleeps two, large integrated awning, comfortable 40mm mattress included, additional venting at head and foot.

Swag: ModCan™ 300D Ripstop Polyester Material (Certified CPAI-84 Fire Resistant)
Frame: High Quality Strong Aluminium
Screens: 65g No-See-Um Mesh (Certified CPAI-84 Fire Resistant) Tub Floor: 350gsm Heavy-Duty, Heat-Sealed PVC

Net Weight: 20.1kg | 44.4lbs
Packed Size: 157cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 30cm (H)
62.2” (L) X 9.8” (W) X 20.1” (H)
Setup Size: 200cm (W) x 155cm (D) x 145cm (H)
78.7” (W) x 61” (D) x 57.1” (H)

Warranty: 2 yrs

Package Contents: 1 x Swag, 1 x 40mm Double Mattress, 1 x Integrated Awning, 2 x 1.9m/75” Telescopic Poles, 8 x Reflective Guy Ropes, 15 x Pegs, 1 x Oversized Carry Bag, 1 x Owner’s Manual

HolidayCentre.com was given early access to an OzTent double swag for a try out for this review however, the review is unbiased and unpaid.

The Holiday Centre Magazine

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