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Common Issues Home Inspectors Typically Look For

A home inspection is a thorough assessment of a home, finalized by a licensed inspector! Typically, home inspections are paid for by the investor when buying a home. The actual duty of the home inspector is to give the purchaser an extensive outline detailing issues with the home! Moreover, a home inspector assesses each home segment, including plumbing, electrical, structural, and mechanical issues. Let's discuss some of the top common issues that fail a home inspection!

Drainage Issues:

Surface grading in a home can cause foundation damage and severe drainage problems. Moreover, improper grading can leak basements, creating fungus, mildew, and other issues. Further, it can also lead to spongy soil that brings about foundations to shift. To prevent this problem, put on the topsoil to grade the area and make a slight 10-foot long slope in your home. Further, you should also add or rebuild downspouts and gutters to direct rainwater apart from the foundation.

Failing heating systems:

A near-death incinerator can switch off purchasers due to the $6000 to $8000 replacement cost! Other problems include blocked chimneys, non-working controls, impaired heat exchangers, and exhaust flues that are not up to the charter. So you must check your furnace annually to prevent this problem and extend its life. If it's delayed, consider restoring your furnace to keep purchasers from walking.

Electrical wiring:

House fires caused by defective and inoperative electrical wiring are common. Typically, extension cords run from room to room in older houses, creating a burden on the cords, outlets, and electrical system that can lead to fire! The other common electrical issue found in homes is exposed electrical wires, causing physical damage. So it's a matter of concern, and you should have it by a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

Roofing materials:

The roof material is the home component that keeps us and the inside workings of the house dry! It can cause water intrusion as it ages, leading to expensive restores and even replacement. Moreover, if the roofing material is poorly installed, it can cause premature aging. So you should always go for that roofing material that can protect you from the elements, including wood shakes, asphalt shingles, slate, concrete tiles, and terracotta tiles.

Plumbing issues:

Defective water heaters, damaged pipes, and malfunctioning sewage systems are usually expensive to resolve – can lead to failing a home inspection! Some typical types of plumbing pipes in older houses, such as polybutylene pipes, have been abandoned as they are prone to failure. So you must repair any visible leaks in your home or upgrade your plumbing with an advanced piping system. It can also assist in installing new wax rings and reseat any toilets.


Ensuring that a licensed home inspector has examined the property is the best option to get a complete evaluation of the house. So, it's crucial to have a general knowledge of the issues you may encounter. Here in this article, we've described some of the top common home inspection findings and what they may intend! At Own lt conveyancing Brisbane you can get plenty of options for buying a property so that you can check it out.