3 one-of-a-kind winery experiences in South Australia

South Australia's premium wineries in the Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia collective offer one-of-a-kind adventures that take you beyond the cellar door.

Read on for 3 of the most intriguing winery experiences in the world of wine, culture and beyond.

 Discover the only working cooperage in Australia

When you enter Yalumba's cooperage, you're standing in the place where time capsules are created. As the only winery with an on-site cooperage in Australia and one of five in the world, the Yalumba Cooperage Tour in the Barossa Valley offers an experience you simply can't find anywhere else in the country.

The journey begins with a short introduction to the winery and family owners, the Hill-Smiths. Enjoy a rare insight into the craft of wine barrel-making, a tradition dating back more than one hundred years at Yalumba. Depending on the time of year, you may even witness the Coopers hard at work preparing or maintaining wine barrels for Yalumba's fine wines.

Return to the Yalumba Wine Room for a tasting of five wines, featuring varieties iconic to both Yalumba and the Barossa. Click here to book.

Deepen your connection to Country

Gemtree's 306 acres of vineyards in McLaren Vale are certified organic and biodynamic. For owners Melissa and Mike, it is not just about winemaking, it is about setting new standards for sustainable, generational farming.

For a truly special experience, join Senior Cultural Custodian Karl Winda Telfer for Tirkandi, a tour that celebrates indigenous culture, the region's ancient history, and the unique attributes of the local area.

A walk that rewards the wondering, Karl will explain his people's deep and ancient connections to the land, plants and animals.

Set amongst the native gumtrees of the Gemtree Eco Trail, the walking tour is followed by a biodynamic wine and native food tasting. Explore unique flavours of native bush food while tasting a flight of Gemtree biodynamic wines. Click here to book.

Taste your birth year

Seppeltsfield, in the Barossa Valley, is the only winery in the world to release a 100-year-old, single vintage wine each year. It is famous for its Centennial Collection - an unbroken lineage of Tawny of every vintage from 1878 to the current year.

The Seppeltsfield Taste your Birth Year tour offers the rare opportunity for visitors to try their own birth year directly from the barrel. Discover why sometimes in life it is best to be the oldest in the group! As you delve into the Centennial Cellar and sip on a wine as old (or as young) as you are, you'll enjoy a fascinating insight into the aging process of premium fortified wine.

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