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Sagres - The coastal surf town, a MUST for your Algarve Portugal Adventure!

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Located on the extreme western tip of the Algarve Coast, Portugal; Sagres is home to some of the most spectacular rocky cliffs and glorious blue water. Primarily known for pristine beaches and surfing culture, Sagres also has a fascinating history with a number of fortresses dotted along its rugged coast dating back to the 15th century.

Got 24 hours? No worries. Here are the top spots to explore so you make the most of your precious time in Sagres.



Driving into Sagres, you are greeted with the view of Fortaleza de Sagres; an intimidating fortress on the Southern tip of the Sagres peninsula. It was cleverly built with one dominant main wall, utilising the dramatic 60m high cliffs on the remaining sides. It was built to protect from raiders, though its prime location meant it heralded strategic importance in the 15th century for naval movements, trade and exploration from the Mediterranean, North Africa and Northern Europe. Once inside, the barrenness  of the surroundings highlights the historic importance of the fort. Due to the seemingly empty landscape encapsulated by the wall and the cliffs. Fortaleza de Sagres is open to the public every day. Off season hours are from 09:30 am – 17:30 pm whilst peak season is from 09:30 am – 20:00 pm. Entry is $3 for Adults with discounts for pensioners and children.

For more info visit here.



Also known as the house of a thousand plates, Asrtesanato A Mó is the little pottery shopping gem of Sagres. Driving past, there is no way you will miss this funky store and the exterior is only the beginning of the eclectic, colourful mayhem of Asrtesanato A Mó. Inside you will find aisles of various beautiful plates, bowls, mugs and assorted accessories. Prices range from about 3-15 euros for most of pottery goods. This store will be sure to have a little souvenir for everyone. Not in the market for pottery? It shouldn’t matter, this store is a feast for the eyes, definitely still worth checking out. Plus a cute Instagram picture in the making with the groovy exterior design!



Be sure to make your way out to the Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente. The lighthouse has sat on the top of the near 75 metre cliffs of the Cape of St. Vincent since 1520. Known as the most South-Western tip of Portugal and mainland Europe, this headland offers well over 180 degrees views of the great Atlantic Ocean and its incredible surrounding landscape. When you visit, be sure to remember the naval battles that occurred here centuries ago. Use your imagination to bring the battles to life from the cliff tops or just simply enjoy the views. Regardless, expect a memorable experience. Visitors can be expected to spend between 20 minutes to 2 hours here depending on how much exploring is done in the surrounding landscape. Take extra care when approaching the cliffs as they often aren’t entirely stable.


Looking to chill out after a busy day touristing? Praia de Mareta is a stunning beach located in the central hub of Sagres. Surrounded by beautiful cliffs, with white sand and clear water, this beach is an excellent way to cool down from the heat of the Portuguese summer. It also a great option on a windy day as the cliffs offer protection from the elements that characterise Sagres. There is plenty of parking around (campervan included) and an easy access appropriate for all ages.

Feeling peckish? Visit Telheiro Do Infante which is located on Praia de Mareta beach and is a wonderful option for a beverage and a tradtional Portuguese meal.

Getting to Sagres.

Depending on what sort of trip you are interested in, the best transport options to Sagres are:

Hiring a car
Catching a tour bus
Hiring a campervan