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Christmas in Australia – The best places for tourists to celebrate Christmas in Australia

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If you're traveling through Australia around Christmas time, with summer heat blazing through and dry roads all around, it is normal to miss the festivity back home. This can be especially true if you come from colder places like Canada or Europe where Christmas is distinctly associated with snow and pine trees and family dinners.

While Australians do have to put up with UV rays while looking up for Santa, they aren't ones to slack around during the holidays. Australia has a lot of places where you can partake in the Christmas cheer and celebrate the holidays like you've never done before. With that said, here are the best places to celebrate Christmas as a tourist in Australia.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Well it’s the summer during Christmas and what better way to celebrate the sun and Santa than by the beach. So long as you don't mind the crowds, Bondi beach is unlike any other during Christmas day. It’s the defacto home for tourists, backpackers and travelers and turns into a festival ground from dawn. Music blazing around, people dressing up/down and a party that runs through the whole night, this is the place to be in Australia.

Image used with permission from Canvas Factory - Bondi Beach on Christmas Day

Yarra River, Melbourne

Leave your home/hotel and get onto a relaxing cruise through the popular Yarra River. A three hour lunch cruise with all you can eat and drink buffet while glazing through the best of Melbourne landmarks; and what's more, you'll be back just in time for an afternoon siesta.

Image used with permission from Wikimedia Commons – Yarra River, Melbourne

Wellington Square, Perth

If you're the type who wants to spread the cheer around, you can spend your Christmas by giving back to those in need. Be a part of mission Australia's Christmas park lunch in Perth, where nearly 2500 people come for lunch, friendship and support. An event this big requires 350 volunteers and you can sign up to one among them. Just ensure you sign up early cause this is a very popular event, and lot of people participate.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Sure, Lighting up trees is fun but when you've got magnificent corals to spend your Christmas at, it can be a whole different experience. The Great Barrier Reef is an amazing natural wonder and you can take a relaxing cruise from the marinas along the coast. Swimming, snorkeling or just getting a good sun tan can be a lot of fun when you have the Great Barrier Reef in the background.

Coral and fish on the Great Barrier Reef

Lord Howe Island

A small island off the east coast of New South Wales, Lord Howe Island has a close knit community with warm and affectionate vibes. You'd also be the first in the country to see Christmas day, with plenty of beach barbecues, afternoon drinks and friendly people to share the day with. 

Have you ever spent Christmas in Australia? What has been your favorite place? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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