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Top Winter Road Trips This 2018

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There are a great many places to take an enjoyable campervan hire australia journey in the winter, including spots which are temperate year round and others that are perfect for winter activities. It all comes down to the type of trip you wish to take, but it is a fact that the wintertime is a very popular season for travelers, with thousands taking to the road in the cool months to experience the unique pleasures of the Australian roadways. Below find listed the absolute top winter road trips for campers, and keep in mind that you can always cover two or more on a longer trip or look to combine different elements and activities.


Anyone looking to take a ski holiday on the Australian continent will most certainly wish to head straight to the Victoria region. There are two top choices in the area, one being the famous Victorian Alps and the other being the Snowy Mountains. Both of these destinations have a plethora of great resorts, an abundance of slopes, and fine white powder all winter to enjoy. Falls Creek has some of the country’s steepest expert terrain, while Mt Hotham is considered the powder capital of Australia and is home to slopes for both experts and beginners. Avid ski enthusiasts will also want to check out Thredbo, which is one of the most popular ski destinations in the country. Needless to say, Victoria is a top skiing destination in the country.

Bunya Mountains

While Queensland isn’t known for its cold weather, the Bunya Mountains are about as alpine as it gets, with several snowfalls throughout the winter months. Here you will find ancient bunya pines, wallabies by the dozen, and a number of great resorts to stay in. There are some of the best hiking trails in the country in this area, including the Scenic Circuit Walk which will introduce you to the rainforest and its waterfalls, grasslands, and panoramic views. If this isn’t enough, down in the valley there are a number of top rated wineries where you can sample the product and take a tour on the beautiful grounds.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are split into two, one populated with a lush forest and the other by rock faces and ravines. Both are absolutely gorgeous and thrilling places to explore and enjoy. The valley between the two regions is one of the deepest places of open land on the continent, and the ancient tree forests are both eerie and enchanting. This area will make you feel like you’ve entered a completely different world, and hikers have stated that this is one of the most unique places to hit the trails. The weather in the winter months is perfect for hiking, as the crisp and cool air is energizing and invigorating. This land has long been lauded for its healing powers, and anyone on a long campervan hire australia journey will surely appreciate it.

Barossa Valley

This region is famous for its shiraz, cheese, and cool winter air, the perfect recipe for an enjoyable and cozy winter road trip. This region is known to be uncrowded in the winter months, and the wineries never stop producing their fine product. This means that winery tours are available year round, and it gives you the opportunity to tour the scenic grounds, enjoy the product, and have a nice dinner.

Pindarie and Kellermeister are both top rated wineries with fantastic views and plenty of fine product. You can sign up for a package tour that takes in a great many wineries on a single run, which is a fantastic way to get a wide cross selection of wineries in during your stay. Or you could focus on hitting up the individual wineries that appeal most to you. Make sure to do your research and find which wineries are serving up the best product that appeals to you. Needless to say, this region is easily one of the top winery areas on the continent and a great place to take a road trip that involves dozens of fine wineries and stunning local scenery. Many a traveler has enjoyed a winter road journey through this wondrous and enjoyable region.

Australia is one of the top countries for winter destinations, with a great many areas that are perfect for skiing, hiking, and enjoying alpine scenery. Although many travelers prefer the warmer summer months for travel, thousands of campers embark on their campervan hire australia journeys in the cool months in order to enjoy their chosen winter activities, less crowded conditions, and unique views that just can’t be had during the warmer season. If you’ve always been curious, then you should definitely consider taking to the road during the winter and enjoy all the possibilities this season brings.

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