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Four easy ways to see the world

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Travel is a wonderful privilege and definitely does broaden the mind and fosters a sense of appreciation for other cultures and ways of life. For most, especially those who live in a country with a weaker currency, travel can be an extremely expensive luxury and in some cases, virtually impossible. There are ways to decrease the cost of travel, like the time of year you choose to go, the visa requirements of the country you visit and the length of your stay. If your lifestyle allows for a certain amount of flexibility there are other avenues you could explore to make travelling less expensive.


Take to the sea

International cruises are a great way to visit several countries in one trip. While you spend the majority of your time on the cruise liner, you will have the opportunity to disembark and spend a few hours in the county you’ve docked in. In some cases, you don’t need to apply for a visitors’ visa as the cruise arranges and manages a tour from the port. Depending on the time of year, many travel agencies offer great specials so try exploring the Luxury Cruises at your local agency to see what’s on offer.


Do it for the kids

If you’d prefer to spend a longer period of time in the country you’re visiting, you could try working as an au pair. There are many agencies that help you find a position and a apply for the appropriate paperwork for your destination country.  This is a great option for travel as you’re earning money in the country and currency you want to explore and you can venturing around the area during you time off. Most au pairing positions also provide accommodation as part of the job, so you will be saving on paying for a place to stay. If you’re really lucky meals will also be included in the package so you can spend all of the money you earn on exploring.



Another great option for living and working abroad is teaching. This is a particularly popular career option in Asia where English teachers are in high demand. The salary packages tend to be quite good in most places and most include accommodation. You could be placed in a metropolitan area, making it a central point from which to explore the rest of the area or you could be placed in a more rural area, allowing you really soak up the culture and enjoying the peace and quiet of a more remote locale.


Remote working

Many industries are becoming more interested in the concept of remote working it’s becoming more of a trend in developed cities. The benefits are several fold, from decreasing traffic congestion, saving companies money on rental space and overheads and improving productivity rates. Remote working also allows many workers more flexibility, not only in how they spend their time, but where they work. Most of the time all you need is an internet connection and you can work from anywhere in the world. This makes travelling while still earning an steady income more of a possibility than it ever was before.



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