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Exploring Australia’s Binns Track

  • Written by News Feature Team

Let’s face it; there aren’t many places as great as Australia when it comes to the great outdoors. It’s a place with wild animals that are abundant and where people love to spend time in the outback. It’s a country where traveling through the bush in a campervan hire is not considered crazy and where adventure is always just around the corner.


If you’re looking for something new and fun to do while in Australia, you may want to consider Binns Track. It will provide you with the adventure you seek and will be an experience unlike any other. Of course, it isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a long trip with tracks that cover from the South Australia land to the Northern Territory.


It is the outback in all of its rugged glory and will definitely charm the adventurer with it’s incredible scenery and landscapes. It’s an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.


Check out more reasons why Binns Track is a must when visiting Australia:


  • *  It will bring you through some of the country’s lesser-known places. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful. It only means that you’ll get to know places that others haven’t. You’ll be able to see national parks and reserves that many other people don’t get to visit. For example, you’ll be able to explore Ruby Gap National Park, Davenport Ranges National Park, and Overland Telegraph Line Memorial Reserve, just to name a few spots along the way.

  • *  It’s a fun experience for those who want to enjoy life on the “road” (or rather, off-road) in a 4WD. You may need to leave your campervan hire and rent an off-road vehicle for this experience, but it will be worth it.

  • *  There are beautiful places to see. You’ll be able to see some gorgeous waterholes and rivers, as well as gorges and mountain ranges. From the Frew River to Old Police Station Waterhole, Mt. Dare, and Davenport Ranges, there is a variety in landscape for every type of outdoors lover.

  • *  It isn’t for those who don’t like roughing it. So, if you don’t mind time spent in nature and spending the night in non-5-star places, then this is the experience for you. If you’re traveling in a 4WD campervan hire, you may not have a lot of luxurious features, but you’ll be comfortable enough for an adventure such as Binns Track.

  • *  Who wouldn’t want to spend 10 days in nature? With over 2191 kilometres to cover, you can expect your road trip over Binns Track to take up to around 10 days. It’s a great time to disconnect from your life back home and enjoy some of the best landscapes in the Australian outback.


Tips for a successful time on Binns Track:


  • Don’t go during summer or wet season. Summer can be brutal in Australia. The temperatures go way up and road tripping in the bush may not be a good idea. Alternatively, traveling on Binns Track may also not be the best. You want to visit when you can enjoy as much as possible and wet season may mean that different areas are closed. Try to visit during June to September.

  • You MUST go in a 4WD vehicle. You’ll be off-roading and on tracks that will leave you missing the paved roads in civilization. For this reason, you should and must use a 4WD vehicle for a successful trip.

  • Consider booking a tour operator. If you’re nervous about roughing it on your own or running into trouble, you may want to consider hiring a tour operator for the experience. It may take away some of the adventure “feels,” but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Map out your itinerary beforehand. Don’t just try to wing it. You’re going to have to have an idea on how to get to where you’re going, but don’t just leave it at that. Clearly understand your route and how to get to each destination before leaving. While there is help should you need it, why risk getting lost or missing out on places that you can plan for.

  • Pack wisely. Set out prepared with what you need and a little of what you don’t. Bring plenty of food and water, as well as a first aid kit and things for your vehicle. Extra petrol shouldn’t hurt either.


If you’re ready to get to know more of Australia and especially NT, then Binns Track should be on your list of things to do in the country. Adventure, beauty, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience are waiting for you one of the most iconic 4WD tracks around.


If you choose to rent a campervan hire to explore Binns Track, just make sure it’s a 4WD to ensure that you are comfortable yet able to successfully complete the trip. Happy travelling!



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