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The Elixir Of Life: Tea

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Just like one might say the world can be divided into cat-lovers and dog-lovers, one could also categorise it into coffee-lovers and tea-lovers. The debate on this could probably go on till the end of time, and we still would not have an answer. However, as one of the world’s oldest beverages, tea undoubtedly stands out in the world as a significant and revolutionary drink. Though mainly consumed in Asia in various forms, tea is now a popular feature all around the globe, even forming its own culture in some countries like Sri Lanka. But tea is not just about the variety and taste. It comes with a plethora of benefits that make it incredibly good for you. Green tea is especially touted for its health-boosting properties. Take a look at the elixir of life: tea.


You may have most likely heard this word being thrown around as of late, but are also equally likely to not know what it exactly is. Simply put, anti-oxidants help protect the body from free radicals which are damaging. It helps mitigate the adverse effects of our daily lives, particularly if you spend most of it in urban areas. Green tea is once again excellent for this, since it is in its natural state and thus retains its nutrients.

Reduced Caffeine

Coffee fans are not going to like this since caffeine is what coffee is all about, but if you have been looking to reduce your intake without cutting back completely, tea is a great alternative. In fact, if you were to drink 4-5-cups of coffee a day, you would probably come down with a host of ailments, but not so with tea. The same amount of cups consumed a day does not affect you negatively, and the reduced caffeine also means you get your fix in a healthier manner. Plus, this extends to all teas. So if you were faced with a range of options like those available at the Oriental Teahouse for example, you only need worry about what flavour and type you want.

Aids Weight Loss

Mind you this does not mean you can simply quit working out and start gulping barrels of tea instead. That is not how it works. Tea, or to be more precise in this instance, green tea, is the type that is known to trigger weight loss to some extent. Of course one should not expect to see kilos shedding off, but if you balance a healthy diet with exercise and 3-4 cups of green tea accompanying this, there is a higher chance of you reaping results.

Calming effect

Tea has an almost mystical power to it, something that instantly soothes and calms the soul. Whether you are feeling physically or mentally down, it uplifts and revives, sort of stirring up the energy within again so to speak. It forces you to take a break and simply enjoy those few minutes, which is actually something we have been forgetting to do lately. Being constantly on the run, it is nice to sit back every now and then and reflect. If you need a push, just brew yourself a cuppa!

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