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Road Trip Dates: Best Places To Go

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There is truly nothing more romantic than a nice road trip. You have the adventure of the open road, the gorgeous American scenery zooming past the windows, and the sense of freedom that comes with a road adventure. These elements combine to create the perfect atmosphere for a date, which is why so many couples load up their RV rentals each year to hit the road in order to spend quality time together. One key aspect of the perfect date road trip experience is choosing the right destination. Fortunately, there are many dozens of romantic and exciting destinations in the US that are perfect for dates, so grab your special someone and hit the road to one of these destinations sometime soon.

Southern California

When you combine subtropical temperatures with sweeping scenery and an overall laid back vibe, then you have southern California, which is a great spot for a couples trip. There just isn’t anything more romantic than a drive down the 101 where sweeping ocean views, stunning sunsets, and a plethora of funky beach towns to explore make for the ultimate road trip experience. This being California, you also have a plethora of great restaurants to spend a nice evening in, drinking Californian wine and enjoying fine cuisine as the sun sets on another perfect day. A southern Californian trip is the perfect setting for romance, so make sure to keep this one on your list for getaways with your loved one.


They say that Virginia is for lovers, and you will see why when you drive through this gorgeous and diverse state. Much of Virginia is taken up with rolling hills, mountains, and valleys, which makes for incredibly lush terrain in the summer and incredible foliage in the fall. There are many routes in Virginia which are known to be some of the most gorgeous stretches of road in the nation, so make sure to research the best route for you and your loved one if you want a lovely and romantic road trip experience in this beautiful region.

New England

One of the most unique areas in the country in terms of both terrain and unique scenery is New England. A New England road trip in the Fall is one of the most romantic backdrops you can possibly have when traveling. Each year many thousands of travelers take their RV rentals to the New England roadways, and if you and your loved one would like to join them then you are in for a truly romantic getaway. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, offering views of long valleys, hills, mountains, and miles and miles of forest, but you also have many quant towns to stop in along the way. Exploring the back roads of these states is a romantic adventure for any couple that they can cherish in their memory for many years to come.

This region takes up a great amount of miles and a good number of States, so make sure to do your research ahead of time so that you can make the most of your trip. Whether you’re looking to enjoy lobsters in Maine, explore quant towns in Vermont, or experience the lush forests and lakes of New Hampshire, you will no doubt have a great time as long as you plan correctly.

The Pacific Northwest

If misty mountain ranges, lush forests, wild beach coastline, and quant towns sounds like your idea of a romantic road trip getaway, then you should plan on a journey to the Pacific Northwest. The great thing about this region is the nice mix of terrains and scenery. Of course you have your miles of scenic, rugged wilderness but you also have cities such as Portland and Seattle where nightlife and dining await. This mixture makes for a perfect date trip. You can enjoy nights under the open stars and night out on the town in equal measure. Plus, there is just nothing like driving along miles of unspoiled coastline to make for an ideal romantic setting.

As a tip, take note that there are dozens of bed and breakfasts lining the coast, affording you time to get off the road, enjoy the comfort of a nice bed and breakfast, and explore the surrounding country. There are also many seafood options in the region, so take advantage of these on your trip. There really isn’t anywhere in the world quite like the Pacific Northwest, and this has long been a draw for couples looking for the perfect getaway.

A romantic getaway comes down to the personal tastes of you and your loved one, but any of these top destinations are sure to do the trick. There is really nothing better for a relationship than getting away from your daily routine and hitting the road, which is why so many couples take to the roadways in RV rentals each year.

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