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Meet Melbourne with Hidden Secrets Tours

  • Written by Sarah King

With Spring whirling through the streets of Melbourne it brings warmth and a wind of change. Hidden Secrets Tours have been swept up in this wind, and we're excited to announce a few pieces of news.

There is a new flavour to our Lanes and Arcades Tour, with a new lunch venue announced.

We've launched our summer campaign video, Meet Melbourne.

And we're happy to boast that we have donated $2956 to Street Smart.


In the first week of November we launched our new campaign, Meet Melbourne. To kick off the campaign, we created a short video piece to highlight our unique tour offer. Hidden Secrets Tours encourage visitors to be MORE than a tourist, we want them to 'Meet Melbourne'. 

The experience extend beyond the conclusion of the tour, leaving guests with places and people to revisit and discover. We feel that the connection to Melbourne obtained by our guests is a unique and integral part to our company's ethos. Follow our Instagram, Facebook and #meetMelbourne, as we share segments of our beloved city in the coming months.


After a morning spent discovering the Lanes and Arcades through revealing history, stories and meeting Melbourne's local businesses, our signature tour now concludes with lunch in one of Melbourne's quirkiest lanes. ACDC lane, home to the infamous Cherry Bar, a plethora of impressive street-art, and Melbourne's taste of Peru, Pastuso.

There were many reasons why we chose Pastuso as our new venue. We love the location, it's perfect for the conclusion of a tour which highlights Melbourne's laneway culture. The food exemplifies Melbourne's high quality culinary reputation, particularly through local restauranteurs brining a different culture's food into our urban setting. Guests will be treated to Victorian wine from Pizzini. We look forward to revealing this laneway gem to our Lanes and Arcade Tour guests.

$2956 donation to StreetSmart

Earlier this year, Hidden Secrets Tours committed to donating $2 from every direct booking to STREET SMART - Action Against Homelessness.

We are please to have calculated our latest instalment and have now contributed a further $756 to our previous contribution of $2.2K in June. We are looking forward to seeing the results over our busy summer months, and with great enthusiasm hope to build on this figure in the next quarter.

A bit about StreetSmart

"We work to support people who are homeless or at risk, and work to end homelessness in Australia.”

By adopting a philosophy that privileges locality — donations are fed back into projects as close to where they are raised as possible — and channeling 100% of public donations straight to partner charities, StreetSmart operates at a local, grassroots level to fund these critical services.  These smaller organisations are embedded in local communities and deliver critical and often innovative response to community needs.

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