Things To Do In South Australia

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When it comes to exciting and scenic road trip destinations, there aren’t many places as legendary and desirable as southern Australia. This golden region features many miles of stunning coastline, lush rainforests, and lots of laid back coastal towns. This is the perfect summer road trip, and many thousands of campers have taken advantage of it over time. If you’ve been thinking about taking a campervan hire journey in Australia, then the southern regions should definitely be near the top of your bucket list. If you have made the exciting choice to take up this journey, then check out these tips for things to do in the splendor of southern Australia.


Drive Along The Coast


This area is known as the Golden Coast, and it definitely won’t take you long to figure out why. The coastline here features epic water views stretching for many miles, winding roads with the ocean on one side and expansive forests on the other, and a variety of quaint beach villages and surfer hamlets to explore. This is easily one of the most exciting stretches of land to be found anywhere in the world. No matter what your plans are for your journey, you should absolutely plan a drive along this expansive, scenic coast. No southern Australian journey would be complete without this essential experience.


Take To The Beach


You will constantly be surrounded by water on the southern coast of Australia, so you may as well take full advantage. No matter if you’re planning on a nice beach day, hitting the waves for some surfing, or doing some hiking along the beaches and coast, it would be a shame not to experience the beaches on your trip in this region. These are some of the most famous beaches in the world, including many world class surfing spots and a number of secluded stretches of undeveloped coast. There are also the stunning sunsets and the warm coastal waters to enjoy, making some time on the beach an absolute must.


Take To The Trails


Southern Australia is definitely hiking heaven. All of those miles of coastline are the absolutely perfect for setting off on foot for unbelievable hikes through gorgeous terrain and perfect water views. There are also a large number of lush rainforests and even some mountainous regions in the south, making for a real diversity in the number of trails available. Many travellers set out on their australian campervan hire journeys in order to hit as many trails as possible. You can join them if you happen to be a hiking enthusiast.


Explore The Coastal Towns


There are dozens of surfer hamlets and towns along the coast, each offering a unique and laid back atmosphere. These are well worth exploring and will give you a series of nice breaks during your long drives. Fresh seafood is available in many of these towns, as well as waterfront bars, entertainment, funky boutiques, and a laid back atmosphere welcoming of travelers. An unique mix of surfers, fishermen, artists, and local workers make up the majority of the population, and the area is known as one of the most unique and bohemian beach scenes on the planet. If this sounds good to you, then make sure to schedule in some stops in these beautiful and unique coastal towns and villages dotting the southern coast of Australia.


Free Camping


There are many opportunities for free camping along the southern coast. Before setting off your should do your research and find the free camping areas that will be along your route. In southern Australia, there aren’t many places that aren’t beautiful, so chances are these camps will be in a great area, many of them right by the beaches or desirable towns along the coast. It is possible to do an entire journey utilizing free camping spots, and many travellers have been known to do just that on their journeys. Make sure to check out travelling message boards and other online resources to find out the details for the areas you will be travelling in. By going with free camping spots you can majorly save on your budget, using that money for adventuring, food, and other important needs.


It goes without saying that Australia’s southern coast is one of the top spots for campervan travel in the world. With its many miles of scenic coast, its variety of towns and attractions, and its abundance of hiking trails, you just can’t find a better spot for a campervan hire journey that here. No matter if you’re simply looking to enjoy some time on the beach or you’re an avid surfer looking to take advantage of some of the beast breaks on the planet, whether you’re a hiking enthusiast of just looking for a great drive with amazing views, southern Australia just can’t be beat.




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