Must-Know Hiking Tips For Beginners

  • Written by News Company

Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise out there, especially when you’re surrounded by landscape as beautiful as the scenery we’re blessed with here in Australia. It’s a way to build up muscle strength, breathe in the fresh air, and escape the stress and chaos of the workweek, all while exploring the natural beauty that surrounds us. If you’ve never hiked before, it’s not too late to give it a shot. Just make sure you read these essential beginners tips before you hit the trail.

Get The Right Kit

There’s no way you can get a proper hiking hobby started without the right gear for the journey. You’ll need to start shopping with a proper outdoor-specialist retailer like MOTackle first to buy the essentials. This isn’t a super-expensive hobby by any means, but there are some necessities that you’ll require to get going. These are the basics

Boots: If you’re taking hikes through a fairly rugged area then your primary purchase will be a good quality set of hiking boots. They need to offer decent traction for various surfaces so you don’t slip, and be fitted properly to avoid any painful blisters or discomfort when you’re trying to enjoy your hike.

Backpack: Try to find a backpack that’s fitted to suit your body shape and length. A lightweight material works well, but it needs to be sturdy enough to hold everything you need for the walk.

Weather appropriate clothes: The clothes you buy will depend on the weather conditions and the type of hike trails you’re planning to walk. Lightweight materials that are easy and comfortable to layer work best for keeping you cool on hot days and then warming up when things get chilly. A proper rain jacket with real waterproof protection is always good to have stored in your backpack for surprise rainfall.

Bring What Your Body Needs

What does your body need on a vigorous walk? Plenty of fuel, and plenty of hydration. Pack enough water for the distance you’re planning to walk, plus a little extra, and always pack more if you’re heading out during the summer months. If you’re going out on a long hike, bring electrolyte powders to supplement your hydration and keep you healthy. You can also pack water purification tablets that will come in handy if you get stranded without clean water. Small, calorie-dense snacks with plenty of carbohydrates and protein will help maintain your energy for the trip, and always bring a bit more than you think you need, just in case.

Start Slow

Don’t start with a long, difficult hiking trail on your first few tries. Pace yourself and start with some easy trails to get used to the new type of exercise and to see how your muscles respond. Once those feel too easy, work your way up to tougher trails. It’s best to start low and move up than to push yourself too far and risk getting too worn out to head home.

Make Your Plans Public

Not to the whole world, but to someone you can trust to keep an eye on you. Make sure someone knows when you’re leaving, where you’re going, which holiday route you’re taking, and when you should be expected back. This is especially important if you’re planning to hike alone.

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