Backpacker’s Must-Haves For AU Adventures

  • Written by News Feature Team

It is no secret that Australia is one of the top destinations in the entire world when it comes to campervan travel. It has long been a tradition for road trippers to set out to experience this diverse and magnificent landscaper, from the lush rainforests to the golden coasts to the outback. Australia truly is a backpacker’s paradise, with many local businesses, eateries, stores, and hotels catering exclusively to travellers. There are many different routes to take, many different territories to explore, and a vast array of activities and sights to participate in and enjoy. If this will be your first time on a campervan hire australia journey, you are no doubt in for the trip of your life. When you are doing your planning, make sure to take account of these “must haves” for any backpacker in Australia.


Most backpackers lead active lifestyles and will be hitting the road in order to take part in outdoor adventure and activities along the way. If you fall into this category, you will certainly want to bring along the needed gear for whichever activities you will be partaking in. Remember that gear rentals never come cheap, so you will end up saving a lot of cash if you bring along your own gear. The space the gear takes up in your campervan will be well worth it since you can then spend your budget on eating and other pleasurable activities. So pack up that mountain bike, a pair of skis, hiking gear, and whatever else you will need to take advantage of the Australian outdoors along the way.

A GPS System

While in the past many travellers and backpackers would have to rely on maps, the invention of portable GPS systems have proven to be a godsend for Australian travelers. Keep in mind that Australia is a vast country covering many miles, with many different roadways and routes crisscrossing each region. If you happen to be travelling in a remote area far from major roads, chances are you will have to make your way through a complicated series of back roads. In this case, your GPS system will be your saving grace, so make sure to have this absolutely essential gadget with you on your campervan hire australia trip.

Non-Perishable Food

When most travellers think of non-perishable food supplies, they immediately envision survival situations where their campervan is broken down and they end up stranded, living on canned food until help arrives. While this is a scenario to consider, there are many less drastic but highly beneficial aspects to having lots of non-perishable food items along for the ride. First of all, it will save you money. If you keep having to stop for food along the way you will end up significantly eating into your budget. Also, snacks give you a much needed energy boost when on the road and will keep you on track to your next destination. So between saving you money, providing you energy, and potentially saving you in a bad situation, packing non-perishable food items is an absolute necessity.

Multi-Port Charger

No matter how many people you will be travelling with, chances are there will be multiple devices along for the journey. Of course devices such as smartphones amd iPads are important for everything from directions to information about certain areas to keeping in touch with friends and family to entertainment. One of the major challenges of any backpacking trip is keeping all of your various devices charged. When you have a multi-port charger along for the ride, this won’t be a problem. These chargers have many separate outlets, so you can keep each one of your important devices charged up and ready for action at all times.


There is nothing that keeps you on the road like music, so making up a road playlist ahead of the journey and programming it into your Spotify or streaming service of your choice will be highly helpful to keep everyone in good cheer while out on your journey. One thing to consider is the musical tastes of your travelling companions. For this purpose you could ask each member of your travelling party to make up their own playlist and bring it along on the journey. This will assure that everyone enjoys the musical selections on the trip and help spread good cheer and harmony along the way.

A road trip through Australia is the trip of many a traveller’s lifetime. You will no doubt witness many great sights, participate in a variety of activities, and take home abundant memories. Just remember when you are planning your campervan hire australia trip to include these essential items on your list for the road. These will go a long way toward making your trip much more manageable and your experience all the better.

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