Renting a Holiday Villa in Crete - 5 Essential Tips

  • Written by Zoe Price

Crete is one of the largest islands in Greece and it is very easy to access thanks to its two major harbours and three main airports (Sitia, Akrotiri, and Heraklion). It has fascinating places to visit such as Ancient Monastery of Toplou, Diktaian Cave, and the Ancient Monastery of Kapsa. It also has cute villas that you can rent during your stay. But, before you go ahead and do that, consider the following tips for renting a villa.

Plan your Stay for at Least a Week

Villa rentals in Crete are usually available for a week or more. It is, therefore, almost impossible to find a villa for a weekend. With this in mind, try to stay for at least seven days in Crete. This will not only give facilitate booking a villa but also will give you a chance to visit more local attractions in and around the island.

Try to Extend your Stay

This is one of the main tricks of getting better prices. After all, that’s what everyone wants when booking their summer holiday. Most Cretan villas tend to offer better prices for tourists who stay longer. For example, you are likely to be offered better deals if you go past the one-week mark. Also, you should try to rent a holiday villa during the right season, as this contributes to better rental prices as well. Prices will be higher in summer compared to spring, for example.

Know What You Want

It is important to know the experience and type of villa you want. You can achieve this by researching on different companies dealing with travel and leisure. One company that specialises in luxury villas in Crete is BlueVillas. They take their motto “your villa, your vacation, your memories” very seriously. They take care of every detail and are available 24/7 to help you enjoy your stay in Crete.

They provide rental villas in different locations around Crete, including Elounda, Kontomari, Agios Nikolaos, Heraklion, Paleokastro, Kalamaki, and Kolymbari. You can find villas with anything from one to four bedrooms and can accommodate up to eight guests. Making sure that you go through as many models as you can and having a clear understanding of the budget and level of service and accommodations you will need is very important if you want to book a villa that will accommodate your group.

Renting through a villa company or agency is safer and will give you the opportunity to book beautiful properties at better prices. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the risk involved. And if you are not a risk-taker, then make sure the rental agency/company you choose is good and will not let you down. Read online reviews and ask for personal recommendations. Never transfer money to a Western Union account, and where possible, use a credit card to make the booking, as this is more secure.

Make the Rental Process Official

Given that most villas in Crete offer at least a one-week stay, it is important to make everything official. One week or one month is pretty long and anything can happen. Therefore, you need to be prepared by signing a contract when renting a villa. The contract should include policies on cancellation, property damage, the security deposit, and an unsatisfactory stay.

Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and has a population of around 624,000 people. It is rich in history and culture, making one of the most popular tourist destination in all of Europe. The island is perfect for those who want to experience the sweet summer heat with its kilometres of pristine beaches and great weather all year round.

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