New Irish Cycling eBook Tells City Slickers To Go Rural

  • Written by Karl Bradshaw

Huge investment into the Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland's West coast in recent years have made the island a world class destination for cycling holidays, and the area is now frequented by foreign tourists. According to the latest report from the National Transport Authority, more people are commuting into Dublin City by bike than ever before. The explosion in popularity of cycling is partly fuelled by a desire amongst the population to become more environmentally friendly. Another major reason for riding to work in the morning is to improve fitness. Many Irish people opt to go abroad for their annual holiday, and fail to see that beauty is right on their doorstep. Cycling the Wild Atlantic Way instead offers a real opportunity to view the nature that 'going green' protects, and it's an amazing way to get fit and healthy. Our new eBook 'Ireland: The Essential Cycling Guide' explains exactly what Ireland has to offer, and contains all the information you'll ever need to plan and execute a cycling holiday here.

This eBook is geared specifically toward cycling, and explains why you don't need to be a professional cyclist to embark on a holiday like this. It's packed with insider hints and tips including how to source and maintain your bike, aswell as essential information on staying safe on the road. Our cycling tours are designed to cater for any level of ability, and this book will help you decide which route is perfect for you. There are plenty of stops along each route to savour. Whether you are looking for a break from technology, to kick start a healthy lifestyle or to experience nature at it's finest, a cycling break in Ireland will tick all the boxes.

The first chapter of the book gives you a detailed breakdown of some of our most popular cycling routes. We identify the highlights of each route and also provide an extensive itinerary explaining what you'll experience along the way. Popular routes include: The Ring of KerryThe Achill Island GreenwayThe Dingle Peninsula and the Wild Atlantic Way Full Cycle.

In the second chapter we delve into the technical aspects of the bike you'll need. If you don't have a bike you can rent one from, and this chapter will explain everything that we provide as part of this package. Chapter three is all about safety. Cycling in Ireland is extremely safe, but there are always guidelines you can follow to ensure that you avoid danger and make the most of your holiday.

The final three Chapters are focused on the culture of Ireland and the best time to embark on the journey. Although these were written with foreign tourists in mind, they are filled with information that's useful for domestic tourists, especially if they are unfamiliar with small towns along the route. 

Download the eBook here: 'Ireland: The Essential Cycling Guide'.

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