4 Great Australian Day Trips

  • Written by News Feature Team

Australia can be an amazing destination for a campervan hire holiday but many visitors incorrectly assume that the only way to truly experience this incredible country is by spending weeks on the road. Instead, it’s possible to see and encounter numerous incredible places via a simple day trip. Here are 4 of the best:

Adelaide to McLaren Vale via Hahndorf (South Australia)

Adelaide is the gateway to many of Australia’s finest wine regions and this tour will provide both spectacular scenery and a range of opportunities to sample some of the state’s most stunning wineries. Stopping at the charming German heritage town of Hahndorf for a late breakfast or brunch, this relatively short drive (2hrs one way) will take you through winding roads and past rolling hills that afford beautiful lookouts and vast panoramas (check out Mount Lofty if you have time). However, the undoubted highlight of the daytrip will be choosing which wineries to visit from the vast array of options that are located in the picturesque region of McLaren Vale. Here, you’ll be able to sample not only great wines but also a range of delectable culinary experiences at one of the many fine dining restaurants. A visit to the region in autumn can be especially rewarding.

Melbourne to Sorrento (Victoria)

It’s possible to visit several beautiful country towns from Melbourne in a day but a trip southwards through the Mornington Peninsula to Sorrento can be difficult to beat, especially if you don’t have time to visit the Great Ocean Road. The relatively short journey from Melbourne (roughly 2 hours if you choose a more sedate or scenic route) will provide numerous stop off points that offer everything from art galleries and café cultures to blissful beaches and vineyards. Once you reach Sorrento, you’ll be able to experience some excellent seafood restaurants or take a stroll along the coastline of Port Phillip Bay to watch a glorious sunset before heading back to the bright lights of Melbourne in the late evening.

Sorrento Jetty

Hobart to Launceston (Tasmania)

Tasmania is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes and the drive from Hobart to Launceston will afford you some of the very finest views this island state has to offer. The Heritage Highway, which links the two cities, is around 200 years old and includes numerous colonial villages, quaint museums, and traditional country pubs that act as perfect waypoints for a truly authentic Tasmanian experience. As you traverse golden hills and woodlands, you’ll almost find it hard to believe you’re in Australia and not New Zealand!

Central Coast to the Blue Mountains (New South Wales)

Starting alongside the beaches of the beautiful Central Coast, head westwards to the magnificent Blue Mountains National Park. Whilst the most direct route through the northern suburbs can perhaps be a little mundane, as you reach the foothills of the park you’ll start to see some of New South Wales’ most inspiring landscapes that will feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. This daytrip will also allow you to stretch your legs as you explore steep waterfalls and incredible mountain vistas, as well as providing encounters with lots of local wildlife too.

Blue Mountains