“The Smart Traveler” Secure tips to travel around the globe

  • Written by Cara Barilla , Educational Columnist and Journalist

It’s very tricky to be travelling around the world knowing that you are in a foreign land with your close valuables on you. Unknown to your surroundings it is completely natural to feel insecure, as you don’t know the cultural restrictions, street life and understanding of social normality. There are many parts of the world with larger crime rates than others, its best keeping some knowledge at the back of your mind to steer away the situation and to balance your travels completely risk free. Here are some smooth sailing tips to get by no matter what city you are in!

Wear a smart bag: Smart bags/inside clothing wallets are only stored on the inside of the travelers clothes. This will ultimately prevent pickpocketing, theft or even loss. If you go to countries where there are extremely high pick pocketing rates such as Brazil, Spain, New York etc, then the best way to go is to not carry around a backpack, purse, handbag or anything visible. This will also state that you are not obviously foreign.

Learn a few sentences of the foreign culture: understanding a bit of the foreign tongue will help you get out of tough situations such as sales scammers, miscommunication and it will save you if you are lost. People overseas will appreciate you for the extra effort you’ve put in also!

Always bring spare batteries/charger: in case you are lost and need help; the worst thing that could happen would be if you couldn’t contact anyone in any emergency! Always provide yourself with backup to secure your overseas stay. This will also aid in the fast researching of anything at all, online banking, and contacting a local restaurant, friend, taxi service and ambulance.

Always buy travel insurance: in the tough times where there may be loss, travel insurance aids in the reassurance of any loss. It will only cost an extra amount to fill up any kind of important void.

Always confirm and clarify PRICE: ensure you aren’t getting scammed, robbed or up sold by clarifying and prepaying at all times. This will avoid confusion, misunderstanding and misconception. Keep all of your receipts and if you are booking over the phone make sure you write the name of the person you spoke to (including date and time) to secure you from any drama.

Organise your funds with your banks prior to travelling: contact your banks and inform them of your travels, set a limit in case you lose your cards. This will prevent someone over withdrawing your funds.

Keep a travel first aid kit: in case of allergies etc; whether you have gotten food poisoning, a flu, a rash or a burn its always safe to secure your body inside and out with an up to date first aid kit with the necessary medicine. Ensure all of your products are not out of date and if not over the counter, have your name stated on the box.