How to make sure you are safe in Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Written by News Feature Team

Planning a journey to Thailand? Keep in mind the advices, do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks while traveling in Koh Samui, Thailand. We’ll give you the best advice on how to make sure you are safe in Samui. It’s perhaps one of the safest places you can travel and enjoy your vacation without mishaps. However, there are several things to learn before leaving.

Road Safety

The main transportation in Thailand is motorbikes and scooters, which you can rent and ride yourself. There are also taxis and tuk-tuks. If you pick scooters as your transportation means during your trip then you must be careful enough especially in wet seasons. Never forget to wear the helmet as it’s the basic factor of being safe while riding. Never ride a scooter when you are drunk. You can take a taxi instead. Your life is surely worth more than your own pleasure. Be careful with the sand and as many scooter accidents happen because of the bad condition (wet) of the sand.


Water Safety

While Koh Samui’s water may seem, clean and calm some underlying rip currents do exist. If you are not a strong swimmer you’d better increase the time estimation spend in the water. Always ask for a life jacket when renting a kayak or Jet Ski. Be careful while snorkeling since there can be broken pieces of glass. As for drinking water, it’s generally a bad idea to drink the tap water in Thailand, but you can brush your teeth without worrying. Most restaurants and bars provide drinks with purified water and ice, so ice in drinks is fine.


One of the most important things in a foreign country is its food. While locals know the reflections of their food on the human organism, tourists may eat without even thinking about the sequences. A number of restaurants deliver Thai food, which is actually spicier than what the majority of westerners may be used to. So, you may ask for ‘Mai sai pet’ (without chilli) in order to avoid stomach heat and pain. Always wash the fruit before eating and buy street food only from the busiest markets as the possibility to find fresher food increases.

Condo for rent in Samui

Are you interested in renting a condo in Samui? Let us give you a useful advice; try to chat with the locals to learn where you ca stay but always be aware of the prices beforehand. There are real estate agents that can help you rent a comfortable and nice condo but you need to make sure they are not liars and have licenses and all the documentation needed. Things become easier and effortless when you book a hotel or condo with a travel agency.

ATMs and Money

As for ATMs and money, many tourists recommend using cash money instead of credit cards to escape scammers. In case you use credit cards to withdraw money you should know that it costs 150 baht when you use foreign cards. The Thai ATMs deliver the cash before ejecting the card. It means that absent-minded tourists often forget to take their card from the machine. So, be careful.

Passport Safety

If you think that taking your passport and documentation with you is safer than leaving them at the hotel, then we are here to tell you that you are wrong. Thailand is the place where you need to be attentive towards your documentation. It’s wiser to leave your passport and other travel documents in your hotel but you may also keep a copy of your passport in your handbag or wallet.


Police and Tourist Police

Probably its one of the most shocking things for foreigners to discover that there are fake police officers in Thailand. Along with the growth of tourism in Koh Samui a special unit has been set up by the Royal Thai Police force in order to help tourists avoid fake polices, robbers and scammers. The Samui Tourist Police also have volunteers who speak many other languages besides Thai and English.